Fredricksburg peaches now on display at your
local grocery won't be a plentiful
or as pretty this year.

Texas A and M's
Larry Stein says some unusual weather
will affect their appearance and numbers.

"We had some hail storms go through a
few orchards, not all of them, but
some of the growers who had a fair crop
now have 'hail fruit' so it will have a few
blemishes on it but it will still be a fairly good peach,"
says Stein.

"There won't be that many because of the
freezes which thinned the crop heavily
and the hail blemished the fruit," he says.

But the taste, he promises, the most important
thing shouldn't be affected.

"We are all taught to look for aesthetically
pleasing fruit but sometimes, it's just
out of our control!"