A nonprofit released the lists of the top schools in the San Antonio area.

     The schools on the list were given a grade from A-F, and were graded on several variables, said President and CEO of CHILDREN AT RISK, the nonprofit that conducted the research and rankings, Dr. Robert Sanborn.

     “This year in San Antonio we ranked 485 public schools in the Greater area,” Sanborn said. “65 of those schools were high schools, 116 were middle schools and 304 elementary schools.”

     Schools were measured on different performance indicators, Sanborn said. Some of those variables included: graduation rates, TAKS/STARR performance and attendance numbers.

     “These are fantastic schools and they should be schools that serve as examples for every school in the State of Texas and certainly every school in the greater San Antonio area,” Sanborn said.

      The nonprofit says they compile the research from areas all over Texas, in hopes of painting a picture of the state’s education strengths and weaknesses.

     “We're hoping that this kind of data can help parents be very good advocates for their students here in the state,” Sanborn said. 

       For a full list,including the schools that ranked low, click here

Top 10 High Schools in San Antonio

1.)  Health Careers High School (Northside ISD)

2.)  International School of America (North East ISD)

3.)  School of Science and Technology San Antonio (School of Science and Technology)

4.)  Reagan High School (North East ISD)

5.)  Alamo Heights High School (Alamo Heights ISD)

6.)  Clark High School (Northside ISD)

7.)  Churchill High School (North East ISD)

8.)  O’Connor High School (Northside ISD)

9.)  Median High School (Medina ISD)

10.)  Navarro High School (Navarro ISD)

Top Five Middle Schools in San Antonio

1.)  Young Women’s Leadership Academy (San Antonio ISD)

2.)  Jose M. Lopez Middle School (North East ISD)

3.)  Bush Middle School (North East ISD)

4.)  Frank Tejeda Middle School (North East ISD)

5.)  Austin Academy (San Antonio ISD)

Top Five Elementary Schools in San Antonio

1.)  Roan Forest Elementary School (North East ISD)

2.)  Encino Park Elementary School (Norht East ISD)

3.)  Fernandez Elementary School (Northside ISD)

4.)  Hardy Oak Elementary School (North East ISD)

5.)  Scobee Elementary School (Northside ISD)