Now the Sick Can Stay in Bed Where They Belong Mobile Docs rides house call trend =============================

Some new doctors are
treating patients the old fashioned

They're making house calls.

It's called Mobile Docs and manager
Steven Tramontana says they've
been operating in San Antonio
since last fall. What's allowed that, he says, is the mobility of today's technology.

"We have all of these great tools ...
like telemedicine which lets us
do what a lot of people had to get
out of the house for, we can do
now in the home," he says.

Mobile Docs offices
in six other states doing so since
1996. Tramontana says they improve
the lives of the very sick ...
too sick to go out the door.

"That morning an X-ray tech
can go into the home and get
the X-ray of whatever is needed
and have that ready by the
time the doc gets back
into the field."

"Sometimes, our medical teams
are the only contact that some
patients have all month so I think
that it's a really satisfying experience in that regard."

He says that doctors enjoying being in the field ...
patients are glad to receive them.

"I think what the doctors
find satisfaction in is that they
are seeing the same patients
every month and some
of these patients have not been
seen by a doctor in six or eight

He says most insurances
accept their service so
billing remains
about the same.