Texas Republicans are crazy for Cruz.


  A new Texas Tribune/University of Texas poll shows that despite taking a lot of criticism nationally for his 21 hour marathon talk agaisnt Obamacare, an amazing 92% of Texas Republicans say they approve of the job Cruz is doing in Washington.


  "Ted Cruz is still being identified in Texas as fighting the good fight in Texas against President Obama," pollster Jim Henson of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas said.  "That carries a lot of weight in Texas, regardless of what the countervailing trade offs are."


  Cruz polls significantly ahead of any other Republican in Texas when it comes to who Texans would like to see run for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016.  In fact, if Cruz and Gov. Rick Perry both were to run for the nomination, Cruz would get the support of 32% of Texas Republicans, and Perry would get only 10%.


  "This poll went into the field the day after the government shut down ended," Henson said.  "So we got a very good response to what people thought of Cruz' leadership of the Republican insurgency in the Senate."


  Number three among Texas Republicans in the 2016 Presidential sweepstakes is former Florida Governor Jeb bush.