Seaworld Goes from Sea Creatures to Winged Ones Opens new 13,000 sq. ft. aviary in spring =========================

SeaWorld is creating a 300 bird aviary at their Aquatica attraction. Dan Decker is park president.

"A lot of the birds that we are bringing in are endangered species, some are ones from other parks so they are primarily exotic birds and some are ground dwelling birds that are smaller and some will fly around the aviary."
The aviary will be over 13,000 square feet and guests will be allowed to hand feed some of the birds. It opens in May.

"We'll have many different kinds of birds, one is my favorite the Lady Amherst Pheasant which is a very colorful bird."

The Green Peafowl (endangered), Northern Helmeted Curaasow (endangered) Golden Conure (endangered) Sun Conure (endangered) will also be featured, some of which visitors will be allowed to feed by hand.

"We will have avi-culturists which are
bird care folk that will care for the
bird and educate our guests about
the different kinds of birds," says Decker.