The Alamo is a lot of things, but State Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson says one thing it definitely is not is a backdrop for a prize fight promotion.


  1200 WOAI news reports Patterson is blasting the city and Oscar de la Hoya's golden Boy Promotions for staging a news conference to promote the upcoming fight between Welterweight Champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Middleweight Champ Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez tonight...on Alamo Plaza!


  "This would not happen at Gettysburg," Patterson said.  "No one would even imagine holding such an event at the USAS Arizona  in Pearl Harbor.  Alamo Plaza is where Bowie and Travis fell.  It should be treated as the hallowed ground."


  While Patterson's General Land Office controls the Alamo, the City of San Antonio controls Alamo Plaza, and Patterson blasted the city and Mayor Julian Castro for allowing the event to take place on the Plaza.


  "Alamo Plaza is no place to promote a Las Vegas title fight," he said.  "Alamo Plaza is the Alamo."


  Patterson called tonight's event 'a spectacle' and said the Legislature needs to 'create a special historic district to protect the Alamo.'


  A spokeswoman for Swanson Communications, the public relations agency which came up with this brilliant idea, declined to respond to a request for comment.


  Swanson Communications and Golden Boy Promotions are holding 'news conferences' all across the country, generally at prominent locations in the cities they visit, to promote the September 14th fight, which is expected to set records for pay per view box office.  In Houston, for example, the news conference will be at Minute Maid Park.  Tickets for the fight sold out within a few hours.


  Patterson said it is 'time that San Antonio changes how it thinks about the Alamo.'


  This is not the first time that an embarrassing attempt to stage a 'spectacle' at the Alamo had repercussions.  A quickly cancelled proposal to hold a rock concert on Alamo Plaza to mark the 175th anniversary of the battle in 2011 was one of the incidents which prompted the Texas Legislature to strip the Daughters of the Republic of Texas of it's operational authority over the Alamo and give it to the Land Office.


  "This is a battlefield where brave men died to secure our liberty and it should be treated as such," Patterson fumed.


  Patterson stressed that additional Alamo Rangers will be on hand tonight to keep an eye on the crowd.  The event, although billed as a 'press conference' will be open to the public.


  Last month, rapper Kanye West staged a bizarre failed event on Alamo Plaza.


  "First it was Kanye West, this month it is Vegas fight promoters," Patterson said.  "The Alamo is under a constant siege of people who just don't appreciate the significance of the site."