San Antonio is unforgettable, and so will be the new theme of the city's tourism campaign, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Casandra Matej tonight will unveil 'unforgettable' as the new SACVB marketing campaign.


  "When you come here and when you live here, it is an unforgettable experience," Matej said.


  She said the 'unforgettable' campaign is the result of research into the best way to identify San Antonio's relatively new themes and attractions.  She says the further you go from Texas, the less people know about the richness the city offers, and the more people simply think of the Alamo and the Riverwalk.


  "We showed a lot of different things about San Antonio that make San Antonio so unique," she said.  "From that, we developed what is now going to be called 'unforgettable.'


  She says the new theme will focus on not only the traditional attractions, but the entire history and culture of the community, as well as robust attractions like the city's museums, its richness as a culinary destination, and the newly booming arts and music scene.


  The CVB's main theme, 'Deep in the Heart' and the 'rose window' icon will remain.  Matej says that is 'our DNA.'


  But advertising and promotional materials will make sure that people realize that San Antonio is indeed 'unforgettable.'


  "Its time for us to have that new look on our campaign, and we think 'unforgettable' is going to do just that."