The San Antonio Toyota plant, which is already producing at record capacity, is adding a new model to its production line, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Toyota at this week's Chicago Auto Show unveiled new off road versions of the Toyota and the Tundra pickups which are built by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas.


  The plant's Mario Lozoya says the new vehicles have some cosmetic changes from the traditional Tundras and Tacomas.


  "The only major change here in the facility will be the color and the stamping of the deck of the truck," he said.


  The new off road  models were introduced by Toyota Racing Development, and will be available for customers this fall.


  The include TRD Bilstein remote-reservoir shocks, TRD-tuned front springs, and TRD front skid plates.


  In perhaps the coolest change, they will have the old school 'Toyota' script on the grille, rather than the stylized loop-T design which is Toyota's familiar trademark.


  Lozoya says it won't be that much of a challenge for the assembly line, because the parts are all made to specifications.


  "Those kind of parts, to the team member, they're just another part of the assembly process," he said.  "Rather than picking up one part, they pick up another part and put it on the truck."


 So far, no pricing for the off road models has been announced.