Some Say the Question is Not IF There are UFOs The real question is: why isn't their existence confirmed?

"UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry is coauthored by Richard Thieme. He and fellow authors present government documents that confirm the existence of UFOs.

"There are nearly 1,000 citations in the book almost 600 pages long and most come from government documents themselves so we tell the story using the words of the government."

Thieme spoke last night at the Igo Library on the city's northwest side.

Proof, says Thieme, that UFOs do exist.
But if they do: why the cover up?
"To ratchet down deeply the anxiety and concern of people and they have done it very successfully," he says.

Also to maintain national security says

He says a hard part of the search
for other life is our search for them
often comes as the butt of jokes.

We spend millions on astronomy
and telescopes but when people claim
to have seen a UFO, we laugh and call
them nuts.

"Everyone knows about UFOs but they
don't know that they know because
the authoritative voice that says:
'Yes, OK, you are right,' never speaks.

Thieme says since the government
won't confirm them, people still
ponder their existence.

"There was a textbook written for the US Air Force Academy in the 70s with a chapter where they said the data suggests visits from 3 or 4 civilizations ... that is a heckuva statement to make!"

He says confirmation of alien life would change the world as we know it.