One San Antonio copper thief apparently thought this was 'bring your children to work day.'


  Police say an officer in the 1700 block of Southeast Military was investigating a pickup and trailer he spotted parked outside of a building.


  The officer investigated and when he did....he saw a 38 year old man bolt out of the building and try to run for it.


  After he scampered away, a nine year old girl and a six year old boy came running out of the building yelling 'Daddy!'  Daddy!'


  Officers grabbed the suspect, who turned out to be the father of the children.


  Then they noticed that the pickup and trailer was loaded with hundreds of pounds of metal.  They say the man had stripped the metal from the inside of the building and hoped to sell it for scrap.


  The kids' aunt was also arrested at the scene.


  The adults will face charges of theft and child endangerment.


  The two kids are okay, and have been turned over to their mother, who has wisely divorced their father.