Local school districts say they won't be ordering any 'Pink Slime' for their school lunch program despite the fact that the controversial beef byproduct has been quietly approved for use in school cafeterias in seven states, including Texas, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  At the Northside ISD, Pascual Gonzalez says they have made the decision not to place pink slime on the menu.


  "All school districts, including Northside operate on tight budgets, but you have to make some value judgments," Gonzalez said.  "In Northside we have made the decision to serve 100% beef."


  "Pink Slime," or 'lean, finely textured beef' is being sold to school districts in seven states because it is billed as less expensive than other types of beef products.  The USDA says the project is safe for human consumption, and there are no prohibitions against it being used in schools.


  But not in the North East ISD, according to spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor.


  "The TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture) actually gives districts the option to specify, no 'pink slim' in their beef," Chancellor said.  "We definitely take advantage of that option."


 Gonzalez agrees that there is nothing unhealthy about 'pink slime.'


  "While this product is perfectly nutritious and safe,  it just has a distasteful appearance to it, and we'd better not serve it," he said.


  Officials in the Judson and San Antonio school districts also tell 1200 WOAI news that 'pink slime' will not be appearing in their school cafeterias.