Texas Gov. Rick Perry called a special session of the 2013 Legislature Monday night, to begin immediately after the regular session was gaveled to adjournment, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Perry has been under pressure from Republicans facing re-election in 2014 to place key Republican initiatives, like school vouchers and abortion restrictions, on the call for a special session, but Perry said the lawmakers will only consider one item.

  They will discuss ‘permanent plans for districts used to elect members of the Texas House of Representatives, Texas Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives, Perry said.

 Due to the long, drawn out redistricting battle in 2012, temporary districts were imposed by a federal court for last fall’s elections.   It remains up to the Legislature to draw boundaries which will be used through the 2020 Census.

  Perry said he is pleased with the progress made during the regular session.

  “We can be proud of the responsible steps made in this session to invest in our citizens, fund water infrastructure, and build an even stronger foundation for the future of our economy and Texas jobs,” Perry said in his statement calling the special session.

  “By lowering taxes on job creators, opening the door to higher education opportunities in South Texas, investing in a skilled workforce and keeping our state government efficient and accountable, hardworking taxpayers have freedom, opportunity, and peace of mind.”