Police and animal welfare investigators are looking for whoever padlocked a dog to a guard rail on Interstate 10 near West Avenue.


  1200 WOAI news says the abandoned Pit Bull type dog literally chained to the guard rail, and weighted down with 35 pounds of barbell weights.


  Lisa Norwood of Animal Care Services says even if the dog was abandoned by its owner, than individual can still face charges.


  "There is a statute in state laws which allows an animal cruelty investigator to charge someone who unlawfully abandons their pet," she said.


  Police say they are looking for a man in his thirties or forties, last seen driving an early model red Dodge Ram extended bed pickup with paper plates.


  Witnesses said the man put on his hazard lights and pulled over and chained the dog to the guard rail, indicating that the act was deliberate and premeditates.


  The dog as been named Fresno, due to the fact that he was found near the Fresno Ave. exit on I-10, is described as healthy and full of life, but terrified at his experience.