They've developed a new Marine Investigations Unit to recover more stolen boats.
Warden Michael McCall says the recovery rate for stolen cars is 70% while boats and watercraft is just 10%.

"People have summer homes in Canyon
Lake. They come in for a few weeks in the summer, they're gone for long periods of time and no one knows that their boat has been stolen," says McCall.

Texas generally ranks among the top
three states for boat theft ...
easy to get into a waterway
head to another state, Mexico or the Caribbean.

"We want to help people recover
the stolen property that's
running around in different
lakes around the state," says McCall.

He says it's also too easy to steal

"They rely on storage areas
where you park and store RVs
and boats and if someone has
ill intent, they can hook up
your boat and drive off with it."

McCall says the unit will really scrutinize
registration papers and insurance
claims because of the great amount
of fraud, as well as theft.