NFL Makes More Headlines
This time, coaches have the medical emergencies ================================

First the players in the NFL suffer illness and afflictions. Now coaches are being sidelined for health issues.

52 year old Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak suffered a mini stroke and 58 year old Denver Broncos coach John Fox will an aortic valve replaced.

Baptist Health Systems Dickey Huey, M.D., says it's possible that living the NFL lifestyle means putting your own health last.

"You must look at their lifestyle and other risk factors.
How well are they sleeping and eating, are they getting enough rest, do they have high blood pressure and they are not taking care of it."

He says especially during season,
coaches may wait to take care of themselves off season as losing streaks mean job losses in the NFL.

"The problem with stress is that it affects our lifestyle.
It alters how we eat, how we sleep, when you are under periods of stress it increases our adrenaline."

Huey says that delay can mean more trouble down the line.

"A mini stroke is like a little warning but if you ignore it because it went away, the problem is if it's untreated you have the risk of a TIA or you may have a worse stroke," he says.