Members of a group called the San Antonio Immigrant Youth Movement confronted U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-San Antonio) at his northeast side district office today, urging him to drop his opposition to the immigration reform bill which is now stalled in the House, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Spokesman Diego Mancha said they met with a Smith staffer, who informed them of Smith's position on the issue.


 "He stated very firmly that he supports securing the borders," Mancha said.  "Before anything, he wants to secure the borders."


  Mancha said he pointed out to the staffer that the immigration reform measure which has passed the Senate includes major border security measures, including a doubling of the Border Patrol along the U.S. Mexico border.


  The Senate bill is awaiting a vote in the House, where activists like Mancha think it would pass if given an up or down vote.  Tea Party activists are pressuring House Speaker John Boehner not to allow the measure, which they decry as 'amnesty' to come up in the House.


  "We know his stance is firm against immigration and he won't support it without border security," Mancha said.  "But we asked to allow it to be put up for a vote in the House, to support that vote."


  This is part of a new aggressive policy by immigration rights groups to push the current reform bill.  Many say they are showing up at Republican town hall meetings to confront Republican lawmakers about calling for an up or down House vote on the measure.