Pecans Say: Nuts to You
Their prices are rising

Pecan prices are rising just in time for the holidays.
They and nuts in general are a must have for Thanksgiving and Christmas featured in pecan pie or sweet potatoes and pecans.

And just sitting and cracking and eating nuts.

But Blair Krebs of the Texas Pecan Growers Association says pecan prices are rising.
Thank the law of supply and demand.

"Pecans are alternate bearing which means they will have a big crop one year then the next year possibly switch to having less of a crop."

We're in the "less of a crop" cycle so will rise on average an extra dollar a pound. Krebs says blame it on nature.

"So this year, we're in the off crop year as well as the drought has persisted despite the rain."

She says on average you'll pay a dollar more a pound. but the good news is that the pecans themselves will be excellent ...
quality over quantity this year.

"This year, you can expect fewer pecans but the good news on that is that they will be quality pecans."