It is becoming obvious that Maj. Nidal Hasan has one goal in his trial in the November 2009 massacre at Fort Hood---to use the military courtroom as a stage to spout as much incoherent jihadi gibberish as possible.


  Judge Col. Tara Osborn on two occasions on Wednesday had to admonish Hasan after he appeared to be bragging about killing 13 people and wounding 31 at Ft. Hood, refusing to refer to the defendant in the third person as is normal in court proceedings and repeatedly saying that "I" did the deed.


  At one point, Hasan even complained to the judge that "I would like to state my frustration with not being able to tell potential jurors that I was the shooter on November 5," Hasan said petulantly.


  Hasan faces the death penalty for his role in the killings.  Jeffrey Addicott, an expert on terrorism law at St. Mary's University says we haven't heard the last of Hasan's rantings.


  "I will predict that Hasan has not played his final card," Addicott said.  "Hasan will continue to seek to delay the process and will rant and rave about radical Islam."


  Hasan on Wednesday also attempted to question prospective jurors on their knowledge of Islam and Sharia law, which Osborn ruled is not relevant to his guilt in the crime, and at one point Hasan referred to another jihadi gunman who killed people at an Army recruiting office in Arkansas as 'my brother.'


  Court observers say Osborn is going to have to walk a fine line to make sure her courtroom is not taken over with anti American and pro jihad speeches.  Hasan has already requested permission not to have to wear his Army uniform in the courtroom, claiming it 'represents an enemy of Islam.'


  Six more jurors were rejected for cause on Wednesday, and the remaining 13 will be questioned toddy. 


  Osborn has indicated that opening arguments in the trial will begin on August 6.