If you plan on attending an office Halloween party, you might want to leave your Barack Obama mask and your Miley Cyrus 'twerking' costume at home, one local human resources manager suggests.


  As Halloween becomes more and more of an adult social event, more companies are holding office Halloween parties, but Leslie Martin, an HR specialist for Randstad Staffing in San Antonio, says they can be really scary for participants, and managers, if not handled properly.


  "You have to remember that an office party is essentially an extension of the office," she said.  "While everybody is more relaxed, you still have to face everybody on Monday morning."


  Martin is worried about the trend toward 'sexy' adult Halloween costumes.  She says 'sexy' and 'today's office' don't mix well, and she says it doesn’t have to include the big foam finger to be 'to sexy' for the office party.


  "Something doesn't have to be sexy to be vulgar, or cross any sort of line," she said.  "I think erring on the side of conservatism is always best."


  She says anything having to do with politics, ethnic heritage, or sex of any sort, even if it appears to be inoffensive, should be avoided.


  "Even if you're wearing a costume and it's not overtly offensive, it’s still bringing up topics that might be touchy for some people," she said.  "I suggest that you shy away from it."


  Experts say the traditional ghosts and zombies should be about the limit of costumes at office parties.