If 'demographics is destiny,' as Texas Democrats have been saying for years, then Texas Democrats are screwed.


  1200 WOAI news reports a new Gallup Poll out today throws cold water on Democratic dreams that the state's surging Latino population will 'inevitable' turn Texas if not into a Democrat 'blue' state than at least into a toss up 'purple state.'


  The poll shows that Latinos living in Texas are far more likely to call themselves Republicans than Hispanics living elsewhere in the country.


  But far more damaging to Democratic dreams of capturing Texas is another fact: The percentage of Texas Hispanics who self-identify as Democrats has fallen sharply since Barack Obama was elected President in 2008.


  In 2008, 53% of Texas Hispanics called themselves 'Democrats,' about the same as the national average.


  But today, that percentage is down to 46%, and in 2011, at the height of the debate over Obamacare, the percentage of Texas Latinos who self-identified as Democrats was down to 44%.


  "Texan Hispanics have gradually become more Republican, even as the percentage of Hispanics identifying with or leaning toward the Republican Party has remained relatively stable nationwide," the pollsters said. 


  The poll concludes that the 'state is likely to stay red.'


  In addition to picking up Hispanic support, non-Hispanic Whites in Texas identify with the GOP more now than ever before.  Fully 64% of Texas Anglos say they are Republicans, one of the highest percentage of any state in the country, and up from 57% in 2008.


  "The GOP may be more competitive with this bloc (Hispanics) then many assume," the poll concludes.