Retired Air Force officer and long time northeast side neighborhood activist Mike Gallagher is the new City Council member from District 10, succeeding Carlton Soules , who resigned to run for County Judge.


Speaker after speaker walked to the podium to praise Gallagher and urge his appointment to the vacant seat.


"I believe the majority of District Ten supports Michael Gallagher and I hope you do to," said district resident William Schiller.


Gallagher was praised for his ability to bring together neighborhood and community associations in the district, and his ability to get badly needed projects done.


District Ten resident Jack Stevens echoed those comments.


"There is a lot going on in District Ten right now and I am interested in a seamless handoff," Stevens said. "Mike Gallagher is ready to hit the ground running. He has been President of the North East Alliance. He has pulled together things you wouldn't think could be pulled together."


Representatives of LULAC and two former council members also spoke out for Gallagher's appointment.


He will serve until the city elections in May. He has not said if he will run for election to the seat at that time.