Four people are in custody after a home invasion robbery on the city's northwest side led to a tense three hour standoff with police SWAT units, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Police spokeswoman Sandy Gutierrez says about 6AM, four people pulled off a home invasion on Clearwater Street, near Timberhill and Grissom and stole some items from the house.


  She says neighbors near the 7500 block of Barryhill, off Timberhill, called police and reported that several individuals were unloaded items in the driveway.


  When officers arrived, one of the suspects surrenders, but three others ran into the home, which is apparently the residence of at least one of them, and Gutierrez said they were 'not being cooperative' with police.


  Heavily armed SWAT units took up positions around the home, because Gutierrez said the suspects were 'armed and dangerous' and there were apparently several weapons known to be in the home.


  After a staredown, the remaining three suspects surrendered.


  Police were 'going slow' as they search the home, to make sure no one else is inside.


  Officers were taking the suspects to the Police robbery office south of downtown, and were trying to return the stolen items to the homeowner.


  There were no injuries reported.