The owner of a San Antonio payroll firm today pled guilty to the largest tax fraud case ever in the Western Federal Court District of Texas, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom HcHugh says Charles Pircher, 61, stole $133 million from the taxpayers by deducting federal income taxes from customers of his Service Professionals company, and sticking the money into his own pocket rather than turning it over to the IRS.


  “When it gets right down to it, the bottom line is, it’s lying, cheating, and stealing,” McHugh said.


  Prosecutors say Pircher’s business services firm managed payroll accounts for dozens of companies, and he would divert tax and insurance payments all for ‘personal enrichment.’  The feds say the clients were not in on the scam and they assisted prosecutors.


  “There has never been a fraud case which has come through this court with greater real dollar losses,” McHugh said.


  Pircher faces up to 20 years in federal prison for mail fraud and five years for tax fraud.


  McHugh says only $1 million of the $133 million Pircher stole has been accounted for.  He says the rest of it went to maintain a high standard of living, from a fleet of private jets to expensive vacations, homes, and ranches.


 Pircher will be sentenced later.