From the referees to the players to the coach, Spurs fans who sounded off on Spurs Game Night Reax with Geoff Sheen on 1200 WOAI last night and early this morning had very little good to say following the Spurs' 109 to 93 pounding by the Miami Heat.


  "We were at least five to six feet away from each Heat player, we gave them all the room they needed," one fan said.  "All they needed to do is put their hand in, and we had a turnover."


  The Spurs had 19 turnovers in the game, and the Heat Big Three combined for an amazing 85 points, something that didn't escape the notice of frustrated fans, either.


  "We can't blame Ginobili for this," one fan said.  "The turnover were ridiculous."


  Other fans had plenty of time to blame it on the Argentinean.


  "I can't believe they gave Ginobili 25 minutes," one man said.  That was way too much time for him to be in there."


  The referees were in for a lot of criticism too.


  "The refs are really making some awful calls and that disrupted the Spurs rhythm," one fan said.  "It was just horrible."


  Others blasted a lack of energy on the part of the Spurs.


  "There was no spark."


  But some fans have already forgotten last night's loss and have turned their sights to the critical Game Five Sunday night.


  "We need to bring it on Sunday," he said.