Texas Parks and Wildlife's
Captain Greg Williford
says the slaughter of lions, rhinos and tigers isn't confined to Africa and Asia.
Texas poachers support that slaughter
by buying horns and pelts online.

"The internet has taken down
all geographical barriers so
as such the illegal wildlife
trade has grown tremendously;
it's a $19 billion worldwide."

"Within the Texas market, people
are dealing in rhino horns and
tiger pelts."

He says the internet allows for all kinds
of critters to come to Texas, whether or not they're supposed to be

"Anglers have caught
piranas in public water and we
have seen fresh water sting rays
brought in."

"You run the risk of that species
overtaking the habitat
and destroying the habitat
of the species that are
native to those areas."

Williford says
people buy these animals online,
then not knowing what to do
with them, toss them into
a nearby river or lake.