Anyone in the market for an appliance may want to wait till Memorial Day weekend to wrack up on the savings.

     The state’s annual energy sales tax holiday kicks off Saturday with sales on energy star appliances. R.J. DeSiliva with the State Comptroller’s office says it’s a good investment that will pay off in the long run.

     “Over the years as you keep these appliances the monthly utility bill savings add up,” he said. “And of course you will save money at the register in sales tax on the actual appliance as well.”

      The annual energy sales tax holiday initially started in 2008 and over the year interest has gone up. People want to keep money in their pockets and if they can cut corners and save long-term it's a double win for them, DeSilva said.

      “The thing with the energy star appliance is that they are certified for energy saving and in some cases water savings as well,” he said. “When you look at the energy savings, the can range from 10 percent up to 75 percent on some appliances.”

      The sale starts on Saturday May 25 and run through Monday.

      “Generally you find stores pulling out all the stops and adding extra savings with storewide sales,” DeSilva said. “The savings will add up.”

      For a list of qualifying appliances, click here