It has been an emotional morning at San Antonio City Hall, as speakers on both sides of the gay and lesbian non discrimination ordinance lined up for a last chance to speak out on the proposal before a vote, which is expected later today.


  Speakers on both sides involved the struggle of the African American civil rights movement in the fifties, the defenders of the Alamo, and even the Christero War in Mexico in the 1920s.  Speakers on each side called the other side 'hateful, mean spirited, and ignorant.'


  Opponents say it will cut into their rights of free speech and freedom of religion.  Supporters said those comments are a smoke screen for a desire of opponents to continue to discriminate against gays.


  "You are trying to blow Satan's smoke up our chimney," one speaker, Lupe Riojas, told council members.  "Don't deceive people."


  Opponents also vowed to defeat members of the council who vote for the ordinance.


  Some 100 speakers are set to speak before council will begin to vote on the proposal.  It is expected to pass, probably 9-2, with Council members Chan and Soules voting no.