Should having posed for Playboy magazine as a college student permanently disqualify a woman from becoming a teacher in Texas?


  That's the dilemma facing Christy Nicole Deweese, after an anonymous parent at a Dallas area magnet school complained that two years ago, Deweese participated in a photo spread called 'Naked Outdoors' in Playboy, and was also featured in a 'lesbian' photo in the magazine.


    She was also 'Coed of the Month' at the age of 18.


  But the parent said it is a 'distraction' for students in Deweese's Spanish class at a Dallas area magnet school, and says Deweese, who posed simply as 'Christy Nicole' should not be teaching at the school.


  Debbie Ratcliffe of the Texas Education Agency says it’s a 'grey area' when it comes to official state policy, and she doesn't mean 'Fifty Shades of Grey'


  "It says that educators will be 'of good moral character' and be worthy to instruct or supervise the youth of the state," Ratcliffe said of the state education code's requirement for teachers.


  But the question is, does having posed for a men's magazine in college automatically make a person not of 'good moral character?'


  Some students at the school think her past exploits have nothing to do with her abilities as a teacher, writing on Twitter, "she's a teacher now, not a Playboy any more, leave her alone, guys."


  The parents said students have already discovered Deweese's photographs on the Internet.


  "It gets to be a real personal question about whether something she did years before she became a teacher crosses that line," Ratcliffe said.


   The final decision will be up to the school board.