CPS Energy Will Adopt Smart Grid Infrastructure Five year plan means no more "meter readers" in your backyard ======================================

CPS Energy will begin a five year modernization plan of its infrastructure to enhance it with a so called "smart grid".

"The meters will communicate via a two-way signal that return to CPS Energy that way we have accurate meter data."
No more meter readers entering your backyard but a meter that reports directly to cps energy.

"This allows customers to have more
privacy since meter readers won't read
their meters in person," says Casanova.
"That way we will have accurate meter
Consumers will also be able to monitor
their usage through an online portal.
Casanova says it means
consumers saving money as they
can log on and see how much
energy they're using.

"It will allow customer to see their consumption therefore alleviating their high bills," she says.

The modernization is funded through rate increases from the past and most likely any future ones.
Casanova says when the lights go out,
restoration will also be a lot faster.