George Clooney recently ended his two-year relationship with actress Stacy Keibler, via phone call, a move that seems to be a growing trend. 

      Scot McKay, San Antonio dating expert and founder of X&Y Communication said thanks to advancement of technology, relationships have evolved.

      “I think it’s a shame the more we become connected by social media the less we seem to be connected in real life,” McKay said. “It has become easier to communicate but not so much in person.”

      Clooney broke up because of long distance, and he like a lot of guys probably opted for the phone to avoid confrontation, McKay said.

      “Men really fear invoking a strong emotional responses from women, I think that’s what causes them to chicken out like that and look for an easy out,” McKay said. “Women can really handle the truth, a lot more than men give them credit for and they really do prefer it.”

      It’s not uncommon to see break ups over the internet through Facebook or Twitter, everyone has seen it and it’s safe to say as times goes on it may become more widely accepted, he said.

      “I can’t think of something more egregious than breaking up with someone in a public forum for everyone to see,” McKay said. “Typically if you’ve been with someone for longer than six months it may be a nicer idea to do the dumping in person.”


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