Bat advocates hope real time pictures of bats will engage public ===========================================

Now you can dial up Bat Conservation International's website for a live shot of the Bracken bats. The group's Fran Hutchins says they want people to be able to appreciate the bats ... without making the drive.

"It gives people a better understanding of what we're talking about when we talk about millions of bats flying from a cave every night ...
now they can see if for themselves live."

They hope to make stars of the bats by installing the camera.

"If you go to there's a button for the Bracken Bat Cam and it will take you to the live feed," says Hutchins.

He says they hope this will bring a greater appreciation to the insect eating bat colony.

"Mommy bats and baby bats are flying right now. The babies were born in June and now is flying lesson time."

The group is also trying to raise money to buy land where a proposed development is to be put ... right in the path of the bats' flight path.