The Texas Senate late Friday give final approval to one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the country and sent it to Governor Perry, who is certain to sign it, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  But the bill is not likely to survive the inevitable scrutiny in the courts.  Federal courts have already rejected measures in other states which contain two of the three provisions of the Texas bill.  Courts have ruled that states cannot limit abortion to twenty weeks gestation, and they have also ruled that measures requiring abortion clinics to be registered as 'ambulatory surgical centers' are 'medically unnecessary.'


  Before the vote, several pro choice demonstrators were arrested to chaining themselves to the railing at the front of the Senate chamber, and later several pro choice protesters were arrested fro shouting from the gallery, prompting Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst to threatened to clear the gallery.


  Earlier in the evening, protesters were stopped by Capitol Police attempting to bring what appeared to be jars filled with feces into the chamber, and one man was seen carrying an AR-15 rifle, although he was found to be carrying the weapon legally and he was not arrested.  Officials didn't say whether these individuals oppose or support the abortion bill.


  After the vote, national Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards vowed that the strict abortion bill would cause problems for supporters, saying Republicans 'lit a fuse' which will result in Democratic and pro choice gains at the polls.


  Most observers discount Richards' claims, saying the boisterous and sometimes mob-like opposition to the bill, along with the viral video of a pro choice protester yelling 'Hail Satan!' on the grounds of the Capitol, will backfire on Democrats.


  They say while energizing the Democratic Party's somewhat weak liberal base, the strident protests could turn off many conservative Democrats, and they point to the weak crowds at pro choice rallies held across the state by filibuster leader Sen. Wendy Davis.